Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Open weekend 3

Okay, my third in the series.

As you may have gathered by now, Winchester loves dressing up.  And as the tourism bods have decided the city should sell itself on its history, this occurs ridiculously often.  Unfortunately the Anglo-Saxons I'd hoped to see today were cancelled because of the number of cranes/cherry pickers surrounding the cathedral (nothing to do with this weekend, will hope to bring you more on Monday).  However, to add to the Tudors yesterday, I saw early medieval knights armouring themselves and fighting, drivers and conductors zooming around in early 20th century buses, and Kev, our charismatic Big Issue seller dressed up as the Town Crier, teasing the Mayor, dressed up in his chains - see Extras.

However, as a break from all this riotousness, while I was up at the Castle watching the knights I heard one of Winchester's really fabulous classical choirs, The Wayneflete Singers, begin a set in the Great Hall, so of course I got drawn in.  The music was magic.  I felt quite emotional.  Meanwhile, as well as listening, people were moving quietly around looking at the space.  This really beautiful woman and her two little girls were inspecting the stained glass windows.  And for a minute or two she just stood infront of me looking up.  How could I not blip her? 

Happy Saturday evening  xx

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