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By Jeanneb53

Edafest Day 15

Funny faces.

Eda was hot and bothered again when she woke but was soon having fun looking in the mirror at herself and later at funny mummy and silly granny before she'd even had her breakfast!
Thank you for all your good wishes for her.

She wasn't 100% but it was a lovely sunny and warm Saturday so I walked with John and Eda to the Common playground  and met Grace there after her beautician's appt. She wasn't too fussed about swinging being still a bit off colour but did enjoy watching the other boys and girls. We went to the Cafe on the Common and it was very busy compared to last week. To Eda's delight there were lots of dogs for her to watch. I left them there to have an hour down Gloucester Rd on my own as I wanted a few cards from my favourite art shop. I confess I even bought a C present!

After lunch we decided to have a chilled afternoon for Eda and for Grace too as next week will be a full on week for her starting with a Band Call rehearsal tomorrow in the Bristol Hippodrome itself.
In the extra we are ALL chilling on the sofa - cats too. John with his long arms took the shot for me, it's just as we were, no staging.
Eda ate a reasonable tea so we hope she is over the worst.

Fish pie is being made as I write and I'm having a Grapefruit and Rosemary cider. Very nice it is too.
Have a good Saturday everyone.

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