I was glad to have nothing on the calendar today.... no places to go or people to see.  After a busy week I wanted a day at home catching up with household chores.  In the end I didn't get much done.  One load of washing out of the way and some of the ironing completed.  The rest of the time just wasted really.

So my " emergency blip " is Tino.  He went to sleep on the sofa next to me when I was watching TV. 

Becky did not enjoy the Great North  Run last Sunday. Too crowded.  She didn't get the time she was hoping for as she had to walk a lot due to being " boxed in " by slow runners.  So she decided to do another half marathon today to try and get a better time.  Mike entered too.  It was the Reigate Half Marathon. They did well.  Mike was 7 mins faster than last week and Becky was 12 mins faster.  

Becky has developed an ear infection which has affected her hearing.  She is deaf in one ear anyway so she was  having real trouble today hearing anything at all.  She's got ear drops and hopefully the infection will clear up quickly.  Especially as they are off on holiday to the USA tomorrow.  Mike has sent me their itinerary so I can track their progress while they are there. 

Steps today - a measly 5,771

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