Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Non-stop day

A regular occurrence for many of my friends here on Blipfoto I'm sure, and today, for me too!

Starting at 8am, when I got dropped off at Costa near G's school, to nearly 10pm when we finally got home from home group (or Life Group as they want to call it now)...

In between, I had a good, and not-too-long meeting with Patrick, came home for lunch, went back to the place where I posted yesterday's blip from, back home again after three hours, had time for a cup of tea, then out again to the money exchange and to *try* to collect a capo and guitar stand from (Amazon in the UAE), but couldn't locate the store because they are tucked away down some dark alley! (True story).

We made it to house group well in time to find out it was the last meeting for Samer. He's leaving on Saturday to the South of France do a PhD in Economics. Much needed given the current world situation.

And I finally heard from Volvo. They have identified the part required. A power stage! Never heard of anything like it. Almost £400 from Volvo; I looked it up on eBay and can get it for less than £60. There you go. Just have to find out shipping charges, but it shouldn't be as much as the alternator because it looks like a small, light part.

Think those are the highlights.

Oh, I got a parking fine. Have to get to the bottom of that, as I had paid and was back to the car in time...

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