Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


The flame tree outside the living room window is flowering again. It's done this over the last few years, but this year, there are a lot more flowers. Unfortunately, there is something wrong with my camera and I just can't seem to capture this tree properly!

Tuesday's are G's longest days. She starts early and finishes late. However, she managed to get off early today, in fact, it was around 11:30. Brilliant! I picked her up and we decided to tackle an old parking fine that G got in January. Her season parking card was on display in the car, but not on the dashboard. She wanted to fight the case but was unsuccessful. She couldn't get past the "you didn't display it on the dashboard" even though you can clearly see the card in one of the four pictures the ticket inspector took the trouble to click. Oh well. There are bigger/more important things to spend one's energy on.

We went to Festival City for some lunch and then on to Carrefour. I wanted to show G some of the offers they had on this week. Back home to recover from the disappointment of the visit to the RTA Customer Happiness Centre!!

It was nice to just stay put in the evening and get on with things; the most important of which was writing a blog post. That took so long, I didn't get to download my pictures to do my blip.

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