Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Storm over the Grand Canyon

Oh dear! I just replaced this photo with the same one as it was made much smaller ( does anyone know why that happens? ). And I’m on the iPad and the whole text disappeared too!!! ( I must remember to copy if I do that again... grrr)
So..... briefly......we realized that the north rim of the Grand Canyon was closer (like an hour!) than we thot, right off our route to Zion, so since it was a short day, decided to take the detour as we’ve not been to this side. (Spent a lot of time in AZ after my parents retired here .. hiked our boys to the bottom of the canyon for the night..from the south rim) ). So happy! It was 60 degrees ( not 95) and 5 minutes after this photo taken from the lodge deck, There was serious thunder and a heavy deluge. Lovely! We had a latte on the porch watching the rain, bought the magnet and the postcards, had lunch in the car, and left in less than an hour for the spectacular drive into Zion NP. ( extra)

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