If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

Solace Day 14. Canada Geese

Having had the early part of our holiday almost devoid of wildlife as we were returning to the marina we started to see flocks of Canada Geese.  This flock took flight from the canal in front of us as we approached and I managed a couple of silhouette shots before they disappeared.

The main frustration of the day was boating back past the "miles" of moored boats.  The maximum speed allowed on the canals is 4 mph but when passing moored boats it should be running on tick over.  Passing a couple of moored boats is no problem, about 3 boat lengths away drop into tick over glide past and away you go.  Doing this on a long straight with boats as far as the eye can see isn't at all enjoyable.   It means ages running on tick over and of course reduced control of the boat as water isn't passing over the rudder at speed or in volume.

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