A bit of history...

I had a 40 minute lunch break actually relaxing in the office today. I sat well away from my desk (& the phones!!) and started to look through this book, which belongs to my work friend Sandra. I thought I was just going to flick through, but found it so interesting I just had to start reading from the beginning...I will continue next week with it. It was sent to Sandra in the1970’s when she wrote to the company asking for any information, as she was doing a school geography project on Leicester, the home of her maternal grandparents. The company sent her this lovely book, which relays the history of this very important Leicester business. More can be found on line about them if you are interested. Sadly the business is no longer there, and I can’t help feeling that Nathaniel Corah would be saddened to see the huge business he worked so hard to grow, from a small cottage industry into one of the foremost suppliers of knickers and stockings, reduced to nothing after 200 years in business.

I had a headache free day, the first this week, so did manage to get my work organised. Home at 5.30 and after a nice homemade pizza courtesy of Henry, Jon and I did the shopping. I’d asked Henry to have a go at making a shopping list, and he did pretty well...but a couple of things made me smile
‘Wet cat food’
‘Anything but cheerios’
Now I’m drinking gin, eating chocolate and looking forward to the next 48 hours.

Happy weekend everyone.

P.s. I found this poem I wrote 2 years ago today....I don’t even remember writing it, but I like it!

The Rain

I sit in my glassy liberating space.
I breathe deeply. Relaxed, unwound, head clearing,
as a tinnitus of rain falls, forcefully, filling my ears.
So many parts. So many millions of tiny parts
of a spent cloud, and all that was held within it.
Such might, as it spits down it’s greying start to Autumn.
My glassy space, a musical roof, frames, orchestral.
The rattling, the raging, the piece unfinished.
Free, and freeing.
So from this space; a special place. I listen.

BG 21/9/16

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