Locke Park

Todays photo taken today and posted today!  Is that a first this week?

I met up with a few members of Positive Image Camera Club this afternoon to try using High Speed Synch flash as a follow on to John’s talk a week last Monday,  They chose the bandstand as a potential shelter as rain was forecast.  Fortunately the rain waited until we were back at the cars before it came down heavily.  It had become much colder though, so everyone was glad to finish early.  I’m still not sure about the process but basically it allows you to use a flash with a wide-open aperture and to get even colour throughout.  I think it has potential for flower photography too. I’d wandered off by this stage and so this is a straight image of the bandstand and the group in the distance.  Most of the images we took were head and shoulder portraits of one another.  Some better than others.

The autumn colours in the park are stunning at the moment - I need to go back soon!

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