Street Art, Sheffield

Seen on the walk up from the station.  I could ask, `Can you see the join?’, but I think that would be unfair.  If you look closely on the top right edge of the bright colours you can see that the artist has actually painted on the details of the tower block behind.  Very clever!

We’ve been on a photo walk in Sheffield this morning arranged by Wessex Archaeology unit which has a base in Sheffield.  Lucy provided us with lots of background of the historical developments and Tom provided the photography support.  It was a good way to focus on a small area of Sheffield which we might not have done without this organised walk.  Lucy had grown up in the area, so had insights into the place that added that personal touch.  One of the most interesting parts of the walk for me was Butcher’s Works, which was developed as a factory producing sharp bladed knives.  I’m going to try adding a photo in extras, but it may not work - it didn’t the last time I tried.

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