Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

MonoMonday - Seasonal

Thank goodness for Blip and it's weekly challenges!  Today the weather came in bleak, chilly and damp which left me feeling extremely uninspired photographically.  A quick check to see what today's MonoMonday theme was (seasonal) and I suddenly had a purpose!  I scooted out and gathered some interesting things from the garden - seed heads, leaves, and such.  

I tried a whole bunch of difference things in my little softbox, with the camera setting on Monochrome and this little focus-stacked leaf on a mirror was my favorite.  I stacked three images to get this (yes, should have stacked more) and then tweaked it a bit in LR.  A fun challenge for me, since I rarely ever shoot in black and white.  

Nice long chat with my parents this morning.  They are currently on the Central California coast, enjoying beautiful weather and doing lots of walking and geo-caching.  

I was hoping to release #220 today, but it is simply too cold and damp, so I will wait until tomorrow.  Meanwhile, it looks like #221 will be making his/her debut in the next 12 hours, so it can be a double release in the morning.  I'll put them both out before I leave to head to the NJ/NJ border for some hawk-watching.

And a big thank you to Nickimags888 for hosting MM, and for providing me with some inspiration today.


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