View From A Bus Stop

Monday morning already.  It was turn to get BB out to school.  He was rather more organised than last week, but only just.  He had a very full school bag and his cello.  His bag was so full he had no room for his Foodbank Donation.  The drive to the station seemed quite quiet this morning, which made a nice change.  Even better I bumped into a friend at the station, so we had a good chat on the way to work.

Work was work – another difficult meeting left me drained and none the wiser about where we are going.  However, I did have lots to get on with and could be working right now, but can’t be bothered.  Having spent the day at my desk, I went out for a walk around the block.  It is really windy, but quite mild.

I have lots to do, but can’t quite focus on anything – an early night may be in order.

Emergency blip from my bus stop tonight.

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