Napoleonic Watch House

My plan was to sleep later than I have been able to recently, but that didn’t happen.  I woke early, got up, thought about a run, but it was dark, so went back to bed to read my book.  I then dozed off and we were awakened by BB telling us about the amazing sunrise. 

I made a pot of soup to fill in the time, before I had to deliver BB to football.  I came home and went for a run, and TT headed off to football when he returned from church.  It was a chilly, wet and windy run – but I still managed seven miles.

After lunch, we headed over North Berwick way and ended up climbing North Berwick Law.  We didn’t meet many others!  It was really windy – just like our recent walk up Traprain Law!  We came home via the supermarket, so TT could get what he needed for tea.

BB had to come home and do homework.  I assisted when asked!  He then watched Dr Who, though missed the start due to homework getting in the way!

Here’s a bit of dereliction near the top of the Law, with a view to the Bass Rock.  It is the remains of a Napoleonic watch house.

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