By Teasel


A slightly later start for us all, as BB had another hospital appointment.  I went armed with a book and snacks today, in case it took as long as last week, but surprisingly it was a bit more efficient today.  The consultant is happy.  The bones have moved since last week and have moved in the right direction, so they should heal up straight.  Good news.  They removed his heavy cast and replaced it with a lighter one, though it is still a full arm cast, so still no mobility in his arm.

TT brought him home and dropped him at school and I headed to the office. As ever there was lots waiting on me, but not much I could do about any of it.  I doubt I was very productive today, but hopefully I will be more productive tomorrow.

TT had made a lovely tea and I didn’t do much this evening.

Sometime soon when I have time to pop out at lunchtime I will visit this new bookshop – it could be dangerous though!

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