By Teasel

Autumn Leaves

What a  busy morning of back to back calls.  I had signed up for an event over lunchtime and almost cancelled it as I really needed to do some work, but I decided not to and I am really glad I didn’t.  it was part of black history month and was fascinating.  It was a talk about the links between Edinburgh and the slave trade.  Really interesting.  I multi-tasked by working through my in box, so when it  ended I rushed out for half an hour of fresh air.  It was a lovely day and I was pleased to note that my washing was drying!
I went out for a walk as soon as I logged off this evening, so that my walk would at least be partly in daylight.  It was dark by the time I got home. I had a quiet evening and watched Life.  I also managed to fix TT’s glasses, the second pair he has broken in a week.  The first pair are beyond fixing, as he sat on them and snapped them in two.  This pair only seemed to have lost a screw, which by some amazing chance he found – amazing as he can’t see without his glasses.  He couldn’t see how to fix them though, which is where my far superior eye sight was a huge help!! I can see close up, but I can’t see far away.  We are a perfect pair.
I also watched the FM’s announcement today.  We are in one of the areas with the new restrictions (we should not leave our health board area), which may cause us some trickiness.
I loved the colours of these autumn leaves.

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