Corn Marigold

Work felt much less hectic than yesterday – which was good and allowed me some time to catch up with things and catch up with my team and other colleagues.  I heard on the radio this morning that it was going to rain everywhere, all day.  I decided not to do my washing today and was annoyed as it turned out to be quite nice all day here.  A colleague told me that he had done his washing today and once it was hung out to dry, the washing line had snapped.  Disaster!  It made me laugh though.
I made it out for a  lunchtime wander which broke up my day.  I may have to go for a pre-work wander soon, as I am not enjoying having to go out for a walk in the dark in the evenings.
Both TT and I had late meetings.  Poor BB was snacking as he waited on his tea.  Once I got time to cook, TT realised he had a meeting at church and had to race of to it, then as tea was nearly ready, BB announced he had a Duke of Edinburgh Zoom call. The evening has been very un-cordinated!
I watched the FM’s statement at lunchtime.  I wonder what is to come tomorrow.  She told us what is not coming, but not what is on its way.
A lack of blips today.  This corn marigold is still blooming in our wild flower patch.  The poppies took another battering with the weekend rain.

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