Tiny droplets on little flowers

Our lilac tree is most definitely coming to life again after 6 months of being dormant (it flowers twice yearly). The blooms are beautiful and fragrant; I really enjoy looking at them.

I had a morning off, but that doesn't really mean a whole lot! I took Little Miss to school, nipped to Sunbury to go to the post office and supermarket, took Abe to the vet's for his check up (he's 26.1 kg now!) and then made up some of his 'mash' for his dinners for the next couple of weeks. Our food processor died a few days ago, so I had to nip out again to buy a new one. Abe slept on Little Miss' bed while I was out (for about half an hour). I was very pleased; it's the first time he's been inside the house on his own. No chewing, I'm happy to report.

Then I went to work, via the garage to pick up my car, which has been having some work done on it. It looks fabulous! I nipped into the pet shop to buy Nikau a carry cage (for his vet visit on Thursday) - we're regulars there!

I taught a lesson and then moved a colleague's stuff to her new office so that she doesn't have to when she gets back to work from being sick.

Off to my chiropractor appointment and then home to put out the bins, sort out my biking gear for tomorrow's ride, feed the dog and the cat and sort out dinner. 

Oh, and sort out the washing Little Miss put on - she needs her PE gear clean for tomorrow.

I think I'll be asleep in my dinner!

It's rained all day, so it's quite fortuitous, since I had no idea what the sub-theme was for TinyTuesday today!


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