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Gordon - a fun-gi

It's his joke so don't blame me, please. If you want to know anything about mushrooms and toadstools, here is your man. Gordon Beakes is retired now from Newcastle University where he researched into microscopic fungi on fish or crops. His passion outside of work is for the fungi that grow in the woods.

He spoke tonight at the Allen Valleys Nature Group and the hall at Sinderhope was packed to bursting. It was a lively talk and his photos were excellent.

I worked at home today. Yesterday's exercises made both Arth and Aggie swell up, so I'm hoping they will both settle quickly. I'm leading a walk next Wednesday and I need to do a recce for it first.

I made a quick visit to town to shop in M & S where I made an unauthorised purchase of a blouse (on impulse) and forgot to buy cream. 

It's very warm tonight. Daisy came in before we went to the talk. Oscar is out and we would like to go to bed. I suspect he will have a night in the conservatory.

PS Oscar came in after 1030pm and is very busy eating and eating and eating. He has been out since breakfast.

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