Which way do we go?

Dear Diary,

Yesterday was one of those perfect Indian Summer days and Mary and I were out to enjoy it all.  I had to go to Limerick for my annual physical but that led us pass this stunning view so afterwards we went back to take it all in.  Mary grew up in Boston but today we were heading for Portland.  It was the perfect day to go to my favorite restaurant, DiMillo's, and sit out on the deck of the old boat and watch the other boats come and go.  There was a huge cruise ship in port so things were buzzing.

You might just see lower down in the photo all the small conifers.  This is a Christmas tree farm.  Christmas seemed far off on this warm day but it is just two and a half months away.  But there were no jingle bells today, today we basked in the warm sunshine and thanked heaven for such glorious days, they are a gift.

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