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By walkingMarj

3,000 blips today!

It is so hard to believe.

I remember when I made it to 100 and thought that was an enormous achievement.

Blip is now a way of life for me and my camera is usually within reach. I planned to do a blip of the three (hundred) thousand leaves on the lawn today, but Dick came and his mower sucked them all up. They are on the compost heap.

Then I had inspiration. What about some of the 3,000 apples on our apple trees?

It's been a very busy day. We had the "Wash-up" meeting after the festival. It's time to reflect on how things went, make recommendations for the future and congratulate ourselves and the teams on a job well done. We said our goodbyes to Geoff and Audrey who left today.

The window cleaners interrupted the meeting. 

Lunch time was very brief before Annette and Sarah arrived to clean the house, Dick and Angus came to do the gardening and Philip, the financial advisor, came to talk to me.

Not much time to reflect on being part of this wonderful community. I am so grateful for the friends I have made, the photographic technical advice given by some and the wise words and philosophy from others. Where else could someone comment on depth of field while another person shares poetry and another shows us the inequalities in her part of the world? 

Thank you to all the people who follow my blips, whether you provide feedback or not. I appreciate it greatly. 

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