By strawhouse

All Aboard!!!

Today was the day. All aboard the Queen Elizabeth for our jaunt to Guernsey!!
As usual we didn't finish packing until the last minute and this morning was a bit fraught. We ended up shoving almost everything we own into what felt like seventeen suitcases (and getting it all back out again to look for things and then shoving it all back into all the suitcases!!) But eventually we set off, whoop whoop!!
We dropped Archie off at Nana and Papa's and then carried on down to Southampton. Annoyingly there was an accident on the M3 which held us up for about half an hour but we got there eventually and sailed through check in and security. Before we knew it we were walking up the gangplank and onboard. Skipping up more like, so exciting!!!!
After checking out our cabin - surprisingly huge; and reassuring Miss L that our suitcases had been safely delivered to the cabin and hadn't been nicked by the people in hi-vis jackets who swooped on the car when we arrived and took them away! - we headed up to the Lido for lunch. It was the Little Misses' first experience of such an enormous buffet and they were happy. Unlimited ice cream, fruit salad, bread, biscuits and chips. They were in heaven!!
Dozens of different kinds of potatoes and salad to go with my beef from the carvery, I was happy too!!
I was worried that the muster drill might frighten them - Miss L had already asked what would happen if the boat hits an iceberg!! - but they thought it was funny putting on the life jackets and making the lights flash and blowing the whistles!!
We went up on deck for Sail Away. Normally we go out onto our balcony and quaff our complimentary bottle of bubbly but a) we're in an inside cabin on deck 1 and b) it's not really the done thing to get tipsy at 5pm with the Little Misses to think about!!
It was sunny and pretty and the Little Misses enjoyed exploring the ship. They especially enjoyed their mocktails in the Commodore Lounge, our favourite bar at the top of the ship at the front. They had Rumless Mojitos which looked so like actual mojitos that we got some funny looks. They were giddy, feeling so grown up!
They felt even more grown up dressing for dinner - choosing their jewellery, shoes and sparkly bags. Spraying themselves with perfume and swooshing along to the Britannia Restaurant for our 8.30pm dinner. It was ace!
The menu wasn't great tonight - Miss E didn't fancy anything on the menu so they suggested she had a hot dog instead. They know the way to her heart!! Miss L didn't have much to choose from either - very little gluten free  - so she ended up with a vile aubergine bake thing. I had thought it sounded nice. I was wrong!!
There we no puddings we fancied - so unusual and really unfortunate on their first night, there's usually ice cream!! - so we went up to the Lido to see what was on offer. 24-hour Mr Whippy up there so they were happy. And cake and custard for me and Mr K. Yummy!!!
Then it was back to the cabin for bed. The Little Misses were giddy to discover that the turndown fairy had been into our room, laid out their jim-jams and left chocolates. Magical!!!
It was after 10.30pm by now so the Little Misses went out like lights. Mr K and I weren't far behind. 
We just had to order our pre-breakfast breakfast first!!
See extras for a few more of our first day.

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