Tiny Tuesday: Crash-landed Hoverfly!

This week, Wwombat (who's hosting Tiny Tuesday this month) would like us to showcase a form of macro photography that we're passionate about.

I really love the extreme macro photos of insects which Levon Biss produces. Now there's no way I could ever have the equipment, skill or patience to do what he does, but I still like doing my best. So today I went up to our attic, to a room which is currently just used as a storeroom (so it doesn't get cleaned very often!) hoping to find a suitable deceased insect on the windowsill, and I came across this hoverfly.

I had to use double-sided sticky tape to get it in a suitable pose and then did a 21-layer focus stack (with the macro lens & extension tubes) to get the whole depth of the fly in focus. I used my flexi-arm LED lights to illuminate it.

My Editor and I think it looks as if it's crash-landed!

Look large - if you dare!!

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