Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


G came home earlier than expected today which was great because there were some errands I needed to run which involved having some wheels.

So, we set out, first to the exchange, then to buy doughnuts as I got an offer through one of the telcos. They were not in the usual place (they've closed down), so we ended up in a branch which happens to be on the site of a very busy service station! Please see the extra which shows the chairs we sat in to eat our treat.)

The doughnuts with the eyes really cracked us up. Our expert sales assistant, Lester beautifully replicated two boxes giving us twelve unique doughnuts in each box. One box was taken to our home group and the other is for G to take into school tomorrow.

The bible study in the evening was different. We met in another home and had a BBQ. We were also joined by another group. Some good food for thought in the actual study and then, it was great to drive home on a clear night and see all the lights!

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