Common Enchantments

By MaryElizaR


When I hiked on Saturday we came to the lake along the trail and there were yellow flowers growing all along the edge of the bank before some rocks.   They looked like snapdragons or sweetpeas and I am fairly sure they were planted there to keep the bank above the lake from washing down so much.    There were these black seed pods on most of the plants so I grabbed a couple handfuls of them bring home to throw out along the back of one of my flower beds.   In order to know where they are I cut up paper towel rolls and toilet paper rollers in two inch widths so that I can place the seeds in that area.  Then I know that something is planted there!  The paper will decompose over time and hopefully I will have some yellow flowers that the bees and butterflies will love next summer.

They are tiny little seeds.   I can hardly walk anywhere without bringing some kind of flora back home to add to my treasure stash or to see if I can get the seeds to grow in the yard.    Not much luck yet with that!   


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