By strawhouse

Four go to Guernsey

We've had such a lovely day today. I love Guernsey! The last time Miss E was there I was eight weeks pregnant and she was the as yet unmet Baby K. It was lovely to finally get back with her!
And it's Mr K's birthday, whoop whoop. As we ate our pre-breakfast breakfast he opened his cards and presents. Gin and crystallised ginger. As ever birthdays take me by surprise and it was the best I could do in the hours before we left!!
Actual Breakfast was less fraught than yesterday - we got there earlier and people had already gone off in the tenders to St Peter Port. 
After we'd stuffed our faces we got the tender too. I was worried that the Little Misses might be scared going outside the big boat and getting on a tiny boat but they took it in their stride and we were soon zooming towards the harbour. Fab!
We crossed the road from the harbour to the bus stop, got on the 93 bus and asked the driver if he went to the German Occupation Museum (I vaguely remembered from my research that it was definitely a 90-something bus!!) and not seven minutes after getting off the tender we were on the way to the museum!!
The museum was as fascinating and horrifying as I remember. I was glad to take the Little Misses and let them see a different aspect of the Second World War than the one they see when we're in Normandy.
We'd arranged to meet Mr R, Mrs L, Miss P and Mr E at the Little Chapel and Mrs L kindly came to pick us up from the museum. It was lovely to see them as ever. 
Almost five year old Mr E was very taken with Miss E and it was hilarious watching him holding her hand and leading her round and round and round the Little Chapel. So sweet!! 
We got the bus back to St Peter Port - with all the hundreds of children who do love a bus ride!! We had planned to go to our "usual" cafe - Dix-Neuf - for lunch but it was closed. Stupid Guernsey and stupid nothing open on a Sunday!! Luckily the lovely Christies was open and we had a scrummy late lunch. Amazing chips!!
Then it was a stroll back to the harbour and the tender back to the ship.
As usual it wasn't enough time with our friends. We really must go to Guernsey for more than a few hours!!
We were walking around the deck at about 6pm watching Guernsey disappear from sight in the gorgeous evening sunlight and Miss E asked could they go swimming. Why not?! 
I got in the hot tub again while they played in the pool. They went back and forth between the hot tub and the pool and had a fabulous time!! 
And we had it all to ourselves.
The guys packed away all the loungers around us and, eventually, just as it got dark we headed back to the cabin to get ready for dinner.
We went to the Comodore for cocktails and mocktails before dinner, then ate our delicious meal and waddled back to take our pants off and bed. 
Remembering to pack our cases and leave them outside the door just before 11pm.
Our last night. Sob.

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