A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Hello Eda!

Not quite the day we planned! It was glorious again,though that wasn't forecast, and as this is Grace's Thursday off and effectively the start of her half term, she had booked her annual haircut in town!

I was to stay with Eda while she napped and then we would go out for lunch. After sleeping well till 7.30 she didn't want to nap. So change of plan. Early lunch for Eda and then a nap and we would go out for a late lunch.
She slept till 2.30 by which time it had clouded up. Never mind we headed off to St Werburghs to the City Farm. It is walkable at just under 2 miles but uphill all the way back.

We went straight to look at the animals as Grace had checked the cafe was open until 5.00. Eda enjoyed seeing the goats and pigs. There was a little pig running around with a pear in his mouth. He seened very pleased with himself, perhaps this one was asking Eda if she had one for her. Soon after this they came out with some apple peelings for them. In the field below there were sheep and Turkeys. Signs warned us that they bite so after her recent experience with swans we took great care. Opposite the pigs was a small duck pond with an interesting selection of ducks including a pair of very striking colour (Extra)

We then went to the Hobbit hole like cafe. They had stopped serving hot meals at 3.00 so we just had to have cake. When the waiter came out he looked just like the Faun from Narnia. Grace told him and he didn't seem phased. (Sadly he turned out to have normal legs!) He tried to talk us into having a special Chai made with a syrup from specially foraged mushrooms not normally edible. We decided to stick to normal Chai lattes!
A plaque on the wall said the cafe had been voted Best Independent Cafe 2018. The chai and cakes were wonderful so we must go back when the kitchen is open. We took a look around the community on the way back. A kind of up market 'hippy' place with individually designed houses. Lots of cycle paths and allotments too. Like many places in Bristol somewhat 'alternative'.

Eda is definitely out of sorts. She wanted out of the pram to be carried on the way back so Grace was preparing to carry her whilst I pushed the pram. To my dismay she put her arms up for me. I managed a street.

Tonight Grace has been off to watch another show with her friends from BAOS in, a review, last night was Cats in Weston Supermare. John is in Chicago. I'm on duty again.
Eda wasn't too keen on much tea, but perked up when having her bath. I gave her a bottle and then picked her up ready to put down and was sick all over me, herself and the floor! This is the second time this has happened to me.
She settled now bless her. Never a dull moment here.

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