Souvenirs from the Thrift Shop - at silly prices

I got up late so I missed the snow which fell overnight.  I found out it had snowed by reading Facebook messages - and also from my friend Lilian when I met her in the village this afternoon.  Seems as though there wasn't much snow here but my brother who lives on higher ground had a lot more.  I have added a photo in my Extras.  Even though there was no snow when I went out it was bitterly cold with a strong wind.  It seems as though we have had a short Autumn and Winter has arrived early.

When I got back from the village I listened to the match on the radio.  Newcastle were playing away at Southampton.  The score was 0 - 0 - so at least Newcastle got a point.  The match was so boring that I fell asleep way before the end. 

I have added a couple of photos of my niece in my Extras - all dressed up as Poison Ivy and ready to go to a Halloween party. She looks stunning - but personally I'm not a fan of the tattoos or the piercings.

I was short of inspiration for a blip shot so I gathered together the items I bought at the Church Thrift shop when I was in Hanover last week.  I bought a cute collectors teddy bear, a small jug made in England by T G Green ( I think this dates from 1930's - 1950's  ), a small towel with an Autumn leaves pattern, an embroidered linen napkin, a triangular brooch and a pair of earrings.   Here's the silly element .......... some of the items cost $1 and some were 50 cents - real bargains - however when I took them to the ladies at the till they charged me half price for everything.  I think I got " mates rates " as I was with Betsey - and everyone working there and everyone shopping there knew Betsey.  Funny thing was when Betsey took her purchase ( a lovely antique footstool )  to the till she was charged full price!.  Thanks to admirer for hosting Silly Saturday.

Steps today - 6,711

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