Me and Neil

......... not Mike and Ike

Neil got in touch this morning to say he had the day off and did I want to meet up with him and have a meal.  Of course I said Yes.   We arranged to meet in The Metrocentre but I had to go down to the village shops first to collect my repeat prescription and also pay some coins into the bank.  Repeat prescription - not ready.  I need to go back tomorrow.  Bank - big queue so I missed the bus I was going to get.  I messaged Neil to say I would be a bit late.  He sent back his usual reply " No Worries".

We went to Ask for our meal.  I had a voucher for 25% off food there and Neil likes Ask as he has a favourite meal he always orders  - Penne Al Pollo Della Casssa. ( chicken breast, mushrooms and pasta baked in a creamy mushroom and white wine sauce.) I chose Pollo Milanese ( breaded butterfly chicken breast, seasoned and roasted. Served with chips, broccoli, and a creamy mushroom sauce.) We both had puds - Neil chose honeycomb cheesecake and I had the Gelato Gondola - 3 scoops of ice cream with biscuits and a salted caramel sauce.  We both enjoyed the food and had a good catch up.  Neil is in training for a half marathon in November.   Just a local one in Newcastle.  His girlfriend Rachael has found a new job which she started on Monday - she seems to like it.  They both had a good holiday in Spain.  I told Neil all about my trip to America.  It was great to see him as its a while since we met up - last time was Great North Run day on 9th September.

We both wanted  shopping in Marks and Spencers and Holland and Barret so we headed there and made our purchases.  Then to Blacks Outdoor shop where Neil bought a head torch.  He will need it when the dark nights arrive and he goes running in the evenings. 

Before we went our separate ways I needed a blip shot.  Neil took the photo of the two of us - we were outside a shop which sold everything you would need for Halloween.  It wasn't easy to get us both in the shot as I'm 5 feet tall and Neil is over 6 feet so he had to duck down a bit.  I decided to carry on the Halloween theme with a bit of processing in Picasa.  I added a shot of a pack of Mike and Ike sweets which were a gift to Neil from my USA trip.  Fellow blipper  Peggy (  KangaZu  ) who I met in Mystic kindly gave me the sweets but I knew Neil liked them so she said it was Ok to give them to him.  Mike and Ike sweets are actually made in the town where Peggy lives. 

Later this evening my brother phoned.  He said it was a quick call to let me know about a certain TV show which is on next week that he didn't want me to miss.  True to form his quick call lasted well over an hour. It only ended when his battery ran out.  ( I know his battery ran out because he sent me an e mail to let me know )  It was good to speak to him and know he's OK. 

Steps today - 8.238

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