My arthritis is bad at the moment - hands and knees are painful. So I rubbed in some Arnica gel  last night before bed, took codeine and filled a hot water bottle. I slept well but didn't have a lie in.  Doorbell rang earlyish - parcel from Ebay. ( Cat calming products ) Then I had a Whatsapp conversation with Becky for a while before having breakfast.

Walked down to the village to collect a repeat prescription.  Weather was bright and sunny but cold - 10 degrees.

I came home through the allotments which is where I found my blip shot. Not exactly sure what kind of flowers they are but they may be Hawkweed. Thanks as usual to Bikerbear for hosting the challenge.

Did a lot of ironing this afternoon whilst catching up with TV viewing. 

Looking forward to the blipmeet in Newcastle tomorrow afternoon.

Steps today - 8,227

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