Life is a Challenge!

By Honeycombebeach


We had a good time at Church when we listened to Part 3 of The Bible Course that we are following once a month - and had coffee, cake and chat served to us between discussions.  

Afterwards, as usual, we decided to go out and look for some dereliction, but of course, with the added proviso that there was some pink in it for BCAM.  We had some sandwiches for our lunch, so we drove to the Hackpen White Horse and parked on part of The Ridgeway.  It was a lovely day - see my extra - and the downs of North Wiltshire looked especially beautiful today - the sky was blue with clouds scudding across the sky, but it was also quite chilly.  There were a lot of people about, but what caught my eye were the short horned cattle in one of the fields just above the White Horse.

I went through the "kissing gate" on the other side of the road from where we were parked.  For those not familiar with these gates, they consist of a semi-circular hinged gate that swings between two shutting posts, it allows one person at a time to pass through but keeps livestock out.  As for the name, it comes from the fact that the hinged part touches – or "kisses" both sides of the enclosure rather than being securely latched like a normal gate.

However, some who are of a more romantic disposition think that it comes from the fact that the first person to pass through would have to close the gate to the next person, providing an opportune moment to demand a kiss in return for entry.  

At the time, Mr. HCB wasn't with me, he stayed in the car as I was attempting to push the small gold safety pins, attached to the pink ribbons, into the top of the fence separating me from the cattle - so no kisses for me.  However, kissing gates are  much easier to manoeuvre than a stile and it saves having to have a sign saying "Please shut the gate"!

Four people came up behind me whilst I was trying to get a shot of this lovely beast so as I was struggling to get the safety pins into the hard wood fence posts, I explained to them what I was doing - and said that it was for BCAM - so that they wouldn't think I was completely mad but even if they did, I'm not worried - I got my pink ribbon in the shot, which was my main concern - 28 days with something pink every day - and only 3 to go!

There is an old gate lying against the fence and even some derelict farm equipment on the ground, and a beautiful view into the bargain, so all in all, a good Blip day!  I even managed to have a "Messenger" chat with our son in Vietnam whilst we sat and admired the view, so I sent him a couple of shots.  Technology is wonderful at times like this, when it works. 

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“The sun always shines 
     above the clouds.” 
Paul F. Davis

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