An extra hour

Only a couple of minor work things to do today meant that I woke up without any great sense of urgency to get going and took advantage of the extra hour with some reading. We did get going with the arrival of the favourite to take the laurel mountain to the tip. Bailey was a bit (a lot) disappointed by the lack of goodbye but cheered up when we coincidentally saw the bestest friend on our walk. 

Home for a bit of work and then a supermarket shop in preparation for the week. I usually buy my squash pre-chopped for soup making in a very lazy fashion but they'd clearly been inundated by lazy folk so I bought the real thing instead. And then used quite a significant amount of my extra hour chopping it up! 

A bit of catch-up TV for the rest of the afternoon and a very chilly final walk for Bailey before Strictly for me and sleeping and making fairly noxious smells for Bailey. 

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