On 2 November 2007 a major fire occurred at a warehouse near the village of Atherstone on Stour in Warwickshire, England.

Four firefighters from the  Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service were killed whilst tackling the blaze. This was the largest loss of life for a fire brigade in the United Kingdom for 35 years.


At the start of the road where Foundation House is sited is Stratford's fire station. Alongside the main building is a memorial garden in honour of the four firefighters who lost their lives.

The plaque at the rear of the garden is in the extras.

In other news: I had to interrupt my day at WRAP as I had a midday appointment at Warwick Hospital for an ultrasound scan.  Luckily it's not twins!  

I met Ann after 'work' for a coffee at Nero.

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