By Veronica

Looking up

The weather was so bad yesterday that I was not optimistic about today's walk. But this morning the wind had dropped and it was almost sunny. So having finished making this year's mincemeat, I decided to risk it.

The walk itinerary had been changed due to flood damage, so we had a rather tame trek from Lavalette to Alairac and back -- places very familiar to me from choir practice.  This is the clock tower attached to the church in Alairac. The weather was a bit dull for attempts at landscape, but I tried anyway, attracted by some cloudage. Spare blip: I also found a rather nice door, but decided to be a bit different for my blip.

There is a chap in Alairac who collects toy vehicles (extra). He's been doing it since he was ten, and he's now 73 ... he's converted his small terraced house into a toy car museum. Luckily his wife appears to be very supportive, as you can't move in there for display cases full of tiny vehicles, especially when there are 22 of you with rucksacks -- we had to enter in shifts. "These are just the French models," he told us as we edged around trying not to knock anything over. "The others are upstairs."

Back home in the dark -- this clock changing is taking some getting used to!

Stats: 9 km, about 100 m climbing, 2 1/2 hours (including toy museum visit).

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