There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

The Lollipop Parade

I remember them saying there wouldn't be any great fall foliage show here this year. That the colors would never come. Or that the leaves would all turn brown and fall off, depriving us of one of the greatest shows on earth. I was like a sad little kitten who was told there'd be no visit from Santy Paws this year.

But I am glad to stand here and sing out the happy news. Autumn is here! It's here! Oh sure, it may be running a bit late, but that's OK. It's like somebody suddenly turned on the lights, and the color. What a show! There are delights to see everywhere. I am like a kid at the candy store. Oh no, it won't last. It never does. But isn't that what makes it special? Trying to grab that brass ring before the merry-go-round closes down for the year.

It was a happy occasion - lobster bisque day - and so I met friends on campus for a delicious lunch at the Nittany Lion Inn. We even got a tiny little room of our own, off the main dining room. We dined with enthusiasm, and with some element of hilarity. It is good to have friends, and to eat good food with them.

I was in a rush to get there, and then in a rush to leave. I noted, though, that the color show was starting to peak in some spots. So when I came back onto campus later in the day to catch a bus to home, in the 20 minutes or so I had to spare, I walked around and took pictures. And here is what I saw.

There are movies that make college life look glamorous and fun. In the films, there is nowhere better to be than a college campus, and no better time to be there than FALL, when the color show appears. It was a lot like that. Everywhere I looked was beautiful. Many trees are at peak. In one section, I spotted red, and orange, and gold, and green. Welcome to the lollipop parade!

So I took the shot above, right by the Ag Admin building, which is near North Halls, where I lived as a student, and Mitchell Building, which doesn't exist anymore, but where I worked for many years. The Arboretum is a few-minutes walk away. Yes, this northeast corner of campus feels like home to me. Always did, always will.

I took many pictures - and I am simply SCHEMING to get back on campus for more, as soon as possible - for the color show won't last. It's hard not to show you ALL my pictures, but for now, here are two. There's another in the extras, for your viewing pleasure. The orange tree in the second photo is the same orange tree that appears in the very left in the shot above. Oh please DO enjoy the show!

My soundtrack song is a tune from a 1985 movie I always loved, St. Elmo's Fire. Much of the movie was filmed in the Georgetown area in the fall. Its soundtrack is pretty fab too. Here is the St. Elmo's Fire Love Theme (with scenes from the movie) to go with these happy autumn photos. I had to laugh when I saw one of the comments on the video, and I echo the sentiment: "Why can't it stay 1985 forever?"  ;-)

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