Westonbirt Blipmeet

We headed off in different directions today; Janet off to her watercolour class and me off to something far more colourful... another lovely day at Westonbirt Arboretum, where the colours remain vibrant even if more of them are now under the tree rather than on it.

A blipmeet was committed, and I joined with Hildasrose and Rob, SueJay50, Terrifo, fitzbilly, steveng, Technophobe and LooseCanon for a wander around both the Old Arboretum and the Silk Wood, with a bit of lunch in between. I think Lozarithm was in there somewhere, but I didn't spot him.

I smiled at everyone glancing at their Fitbits at lunch, but my iPhone tells me we walked about 11km in 16000 steps, and I admit it feels like I did just that. A small wine and a few zzz's will finish the evening. You can compare what may turn out to be identical shots, by clicking on #westonbirtblipmeet and the rest of todays keepers are on my Flickr feed.

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