Das Brot

Killing three birds with one stone today. 

Here's a photo of today's butter-crust loaf, with a glimpse of carrot cake beyond. My recently joined photo group (not a club, very not competitive) suggested "food" as a show and tell theme for this coming Monday (bird two), and I've been trying to find something to snap. I'm a bit loath to photograph food a-la Facebook pics, and I haven't got out and about to where the fancy stuff is sold. So it's bread. Unless I see something better.

Bird three is the German, which both Janet and I are now playing on the iPad with courtesy of Duolingo. She's far ahead of monoglot me (of course), but I'm chasing hard. In the meantime, Charlotte is actually in Germany and probably learning faster than both of us put together. I just hope "Das Brot" is right...

The rest of the day was spent unpacking and setting up a brand new PA system, which we will be using for Remembrance next weekend. As expected, there were a few extra bits needed, and it's as well to find that out with a week to spare, eh. Tomorrow, we start hanging out the yarn-bombed poppies... I expect tomorrow's blip will be a bit red.

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