Poppies, everywhere!!!

Today was largely the culmination of a years' work by many of the residents of Charfield. Last year one of us, Helen, mooted the idea of yarn-bombing the village with poppies for the hundredth anniversary of Armistice, and the idea took root.

Janet, as one of the "Clean up, Green up Charfield" group, led a team that installed knitted and crocheted poppies on a green space in the heart of the village. Across the whole villages, other teams bombed their patches. Despite the inclement weather, but the end of the day the whole of the main road through the village, and many of the offshoots, were scarlet!

I was very happy to see a few white and purple poppies being installed too, and Janet is currently downstairs crocheting me a triplet poppy, which I will wear alongside the traditional one, in honour of those not of the military that fell, those that were unable to fight for ethical reasons, and for all the animals who had no choice. I'll wear all three as I lay the Parish Council wreath.

The BBC have been here all day, and have been here over the past few weeks, and we'll see what they've made of our village tomorrow night (in the BBC West area at least). You may be able to watch it on iPlayer, I don't know. I was fairly good at staying out of their way. ;-)

There are a few more pictures, and more to come, on my Flickr feed.

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