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By walkingMarj

Last flowers of autumn

I should have been at the regional Documentary Group of the RPS today, but I realised last night that I still have a lot of things to do before going into hospital, so I had to cry off.

The day passed swiftly with me doing "stuff". I have moved my computer onto a different desk and hope it will be easier to access it after the op. I've tried the perching stool and it is very uncomfortable. Perhaps I do not have it adjusted correctly.....

Dick came. He always has a lot to do in the garden at this time of year, but he found time to plant pansies and bulbs for me in our turning circle. I hope this will stop drivers from driving over the soil, but Dick thinks they will still do it.  I did think I might research whether I could buy traffic cones!!

Oscar and Daisy have been scratching and you cat lovers out there know what this means. Daisy allowed me to put one of the liquid preps on her neck this morning and Oscar had a crushed tablet in some meat. Phew! Hope that all works.

There is very little in flower in the garden so I was delighted to find a few astrantias that are still coming into flower. The stamens are pink. I have often photographed them before, so decided to try a mono treatment today.

Time to put my feet up and then do lots more tomorrow!

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