... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Mount Pond: Mid-bounce Magpie

Swisher in large.
Extra: Greylag landing photomerge
Blip is part of a series (right from here).

Went to Mount Pond after the rain stopped to see whether the Cayuga was about. It was, but was keeping its distance and mooching amongst the cormorants... The wind was riling up the corvids and cormorants, but the other birds were mostly being very snoozy. The most exciting things were a heron investigating me (then flying off), a greylag landing (series right from here), and gulls swooping when someone threw food.

Favourites of each: Coots canoodling, Cayuga's cormorant impression, Cormorant gargoyles, Greylag landing mergeHeron flyby, Crow crowing, Black-headed gull swooping, Magpie portrait

Today's miscellany are here (or right from Canada goose flapping).

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