Looking from the dark towards the light

The rain when I first got up, suggested it was a car day, rather than a bike day. By the time I’d finished my breakfast, the sun was shining. I changed the cars around and went off to work by bike.

Mid morning I became aware of there being a marked and potentially unsafe shortage of medical staff in the adult acute ward. Those who were here assured me they could manage it, but I’ve kept an eye on the bed state and pressures to admit, as it is my responsibility to ensure the system remains safe and effective.

Reading about day hospital treatment of acute mental illness and remembering that had been my aim in my first consultant post, and funding was never granted to do more than small scale stuff. Maybe I can be more persuasive now? Perhaps I can find a path from the dark of a failing system (everyone is agreed that it is) to the light which can come from a different approach

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