A Deuce of Twos (MM254)

For this week's mono Monday I have gone for a marriage of two eras of camera technology ...

My Canon 5D Mk2 from this century, and a Helios 44-2 lens from the previous one ... and also from the days of analogue photography.

I came across the lens on the LPH week last month when John Gravett showed us a couple of examples he had with reversed elements which exacerbates the 'swirly bokeh' the lens is noted for.  As they don't cost much, and I can't resist any form of footering* I have bought one from eBay (£25) and a Canon EF to 42mm thread adaptor (£10) and the fun begins tomorrow :-) 

*footering - the physical equivalent of fartnarkling!

I did think I might have the deuce of a job getting the front element retaining ring out (the part with the white text) but it was much easier than I expected. It is also easy to remove the rear element ring too and reverse that ... so double the footering posibilities :-)

First impressions ... with the front element the correct way around it is not easy to focus (see extra) but I can see the background swirlyness :-) With the front element reversed focussing is much more difficult - best to wait for daylight tomorrow :-)

DavidC has one too ....

Thanks to John Edward for hosting  Mono Monday on the theme of Deuce

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