By ArcLight

The "new" Law School

Whilst I was ensconced down by the Meadows, the Law School more or less had to move out of Old College for "the renovations". We were supposed to get back in there in the summer, but that didn't work out. However, we have been moving back in gradually in the last week or so, and today it was my turn.

The stuff that was packed into boxes in July 2017 has now been deposited in my new office, along with the few other boxes I packed on Monday. I made a start unpacking today - managed about 20 boxes with more than 40 to go. There is further triage of "stuff" going on, as otherwise there is no way I'll get everything on the bookcases, even though people have come up with ingenious solutions to help us make our bookcases go further. This is my fifth office since arriving in Edinburgh in 2005 (apart from the ones in Finland, of course...) and it is the first one I've had in quite a while that genuinely feels like it is "mine".

Anyway, my first impressions are good. Our professional services staff have gone above and beyond to help make the move smooth, and a couple of wrinkles I asked about were sorted out very quickly. I now don't have a desktop computer in the office (there were two in there when I arrived...), but I do have a second monitor I can link to my laptop.

The whole place is transformed - in interesting ways. It's still the same historic building, but there are new, and quite 21st century sightlines. I've created an album on flickr as I'll be taking quite a few pictures over the next period of time, I'm sure, even though I won't be blipping them all. Things aren't quite finished yet, so there are a few workmen around finishing off stuff that is "snagging". It'll be very different when the students arrive in large numbers in the New Year. For now, I can take pictures largely with people absent from them.

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