Rocky Mountain Moments

By pipersmom

A Hint of Pink

By the time I finished responding to comments last night I was too sleepy to post my blip.  So this is my Flower Friday blip a day late.  This is my first white Christmas Cactus and it's in full bloom.  Check it out in large if you have a minute.  It really pops. :-)  Many thanks to BikerBear for hosting!

I'm going to spend an hour visiting journals and sprinkling stars now.  Then I have to move on to Christmas cards.  If I was more ready for Christmas I would have more time to spend on Blip....but, alas.....  
I'll comment when I can during the next few weeks but I'll respond to comments and try to visit every day, sprinkling Christmas stars. :-)

I am grateful that Pipersdad is continuing to improve.  His leg is still not back to normal but at least he has enough feeling in it to trust walking without a cane.  I still say "Be careful" every time he stands up, though. ;-)

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