By norfolkdoc


The pittosporum hedge suffered badly in the snow last winter.  It has taken all summer to recover, and has left this bit of the boundary feeling rather thin.

So we ordered some bare root hedging plants, and today it didn't rain.  In fact, the sun came out, though there was still a cold wind, and W set to to sort this out.  He dug up the existing plants - one was completely dead, and replanted the hedge with hornbeam and crab apple, mixing in the remaining 5 pittosporum in the hope that they will do better with the protection of the other plants, and will help with winter cover, as they are evergreen.

The days are very short at the moment, so apart from that, just a bit of leaf dredging from the pond - the oak tree has finally dropped all its leaves, and a good proportion of them ended up in the pond.

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