Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Extra Glass

I was thrilled to get my 300 mm lens back from Nikon today!  When I was in Costa Rica, the autofocus suddenly stopped working - manual focus was just fine, but I need my AF.  I thought it might have been related to the humidity, so when I got home, I sealed it up in a bag with some desiccant packs - but no luck.  So off it went to Nikon, where they determined that it needed a new AF assembly.  Ka-ching.  But worth the money as it is my favorite lens.  I took this shot through our double-pane kitchen window and, as you can see, even with that extra (non-photo-quality) glass, the image is nice and sharp.  Much as I like the Sigma 100-400, you just can't get the sharpness with a zoom that you can with a prime lens.  

In other news of the day, I made my second trip to the gym.  Treadmill and abs today.  Then off to meet a friend for lunch, thereby offsetting any caloric advantage I might have had.  Though, to be fair, I'm doing the gym not to lose weight but to improve my cardiovascular fitness and build a bit more muscle.  

Barreling towards the holidays now, even though I feel quite ill-prepared. And just over a month before I head to Arizona to meet up with my parents - yay!

Today's bird is the humble and common House Finch, a fine male.  


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