By dfb24


...covering the back yard this morning, so there I was, on my hands and knees (kneeling on my gardening pad) with an extension tube and my lens, trying to hold steady enough to get a picture that was relatively focused before the sun hit that area and melted it all. Then Tom and I headed over to the hospital for his lab work and his yearly check-up with his internist, whose office is inside the hospital. It just brings home how much nicer it is to go to the outpatient clinic!  I couldn't find a single open spot in the entire parking structure, so after three circuits of the structure I dropped Tom off and went to another structure across the street, where I finally found a place on the 4th level. I'd spotted a man heading to his car, so I crept along behind him, and when he reached his car I stopped far enough back so he could back out. Well he certainly took his good-natured time (I read once about a study that looked at this very thing; it showed that people are much more apt to move slowly & take a much longer time to back out if they know someone is waiting for their spot--you can't make this stuff up!! But I digress.....) So as I'm waiting, a lady pulls up behind me and starts honking for me to move....I'd seen her over in the first structure looking for parking too... no way I was moving until that slow poke backed out! So she honked some more, and I was truly tempted to roll my window down so I could show her that I thought she was #1, but I restrained myself. Then she tried to pull around me, and guess what...not enough room for her to get through, so more honking ensued, followed by her rolling down the passenger-side window so she could yell a few profanities in my direction!  With even greater restraint, I limited myself to giving her an eye roll! I finally got my parking spot after Pokey backed out, & the maniac floored it to go past me when I was only half way in!  I'll bet she loved following Pokeyman through the structure....was it uncharitable to hope she'd hit something on her way through? I walked back over to the lab, where Tom was still waiting--he waited 55 minutes before he was called for his lab work--the waiting area was packed & I was already annoyed, so I was going to go up to the desk to complain;  but then I looked around & had to remind myself that neither Tom nor the other people waiting are there by choice, & it's very sad that there are so many people & their families having to deal with cancer, in all its' forms. I thought, compared to that, the other stuff is really pretty insignificant..........well, except for the impatient honking maniac!!!!!!     Thanks to Freyjad for hosting this month! :))))))

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