Home & Away

By HeidiAndDolly

Skiing Hygge

I arrived back at Heathrow almost an hour early this morning and made it home in plenty of time to watch today’s cross country skiing from Norway. Today’s races were a 15k for the Ladies and 30k for the Men. This is the Ladies race that’s on the screen.

Even an exciting race is very relaxing way to spend time - so relaxing that I couldn’t resist the jet-lag and I fell fast asleep on the sofa! I woke up and snooker was on the screen! I’d missed it! So off to bed I went for a very long nap and I watched both the Ladies’ and Men’s races later on catch up when I was fully awake! Thank goodness for modern technology! The extra photo shows Andrew Musgrave, Britain’s best cross-country skier. He didn’t make the podium today but he did well, finishing 15th out of 70 racers.

A friend came over later and we had tea and exchanged some small Christmas gifts. One of mine was a mini Christmas jigsaw puzzle which I spent the evening putting together while watching a silly Christmas movie followed by the few remaining episodes of Broadchurch.

It was a totally relaxing day which is a good thing because I’ll be back in the air tomorrow!

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