Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

Lighting Experiment

I bought some LED light panels some time ago but hadn't had a chance to try them out.  Lighting for photography has moved on a lot from my early days with photography where studio work was limited to strobes or so called 'hot' or continuous lighting.

Nowadays, in addition to these you have the strobist approach, using flash guns or the introduction of LED panels.  Certainly, as a continuous light source these panels are a lot more comfortable to use as they don't kick out any where near the amount of heat of the older systems.  Anyway, these panels took moments to set up and for smaller subjects (e.g. eBay images and still life) I think they will be my 'go to' kit.  They are also very portable and can be run off two camera style batteries so open up possibilities for in the field work.  I've added an extra to show the set up.

Other than that I had a short walk to the post office this morning and then it was down to organising Christmas cards and some presents.

Walk Distance: 3.1 miles P:0 L:1

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