Gold Hill Dusk

You can almost hear the strains of the New World Symphony as you stand here even though it was 45 years ago that Ridley Scott directed that Hovis commercial. I always thought it was somewhere in Yorkshire until I saw Tim, the Sarum Stroller put up a photo of it and I knew he didn't travel that far.

We drove up to Wiltshire to Stourhead to meet up with George and Ann, it's about half way between us.  We had a coffee then a walk round the lake and it was interesting to see it in its winter dress rather than its autumnal glory. After that we edged into Dorset to Shaftesbury, where we'd booked for lunch. We had a great lunch and a good catch up and George gave his big sister her birthday present (he also paid for lunch, which we hadn't intended).

We went our different ways and as it was still light and as we were so close, Marian and I decided to find Gold Hill and we were able to park at the bottom and walk up to get this classic view.

Sepia version added as suggested by walkingMarj.

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