Everyday Life

By Julez

Santa Fun Run

Today was the day of Lincoln's annual Santa Fun-Run, and after doing a bit of shopping at Sainsbury's for a change, we headed on up to the Cathedral to take photos of those having the "fun" I chose this shot as these ladies did look like they were having fun! 

I could hardly believe the contrast in weather compared to yesterday. The light was lovely today, even if it was still a little chilly. That has all changed now as it is chucking it down again!

After a bit of lunch we went over to Jeri's to see her, Paul and the Boys. They didn't do the Santa Run as they did a proper serious marathon yesterday, in all that crappy weather!

Since coming home I have planned out my Christmas lunch menu and made my shopping list for that, and for meals for this week! Now it must be time to get the PJ's on and relax with a cup of coffee!

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